Employers Must Use New I-9 As of Today

Kathleen M. Mills      Sep. 18, 2017

Just a reminder … as we noted previously, the government has issued a new I-9 Form and, as of today, it must be used by all employers.

The newest I-9, which was released on July 17, 2017, became mandatory on September 18, 2017.

The new form is available from the USCIS website. Most of the changes are minor, technical ones, such as updating the name of the pertinent agency Section, improving the grammar and renumbering.  There are, however, a few substantive changes in the lists of acceptable documents – so be sure to check those lists carefully in order to assure that you are receiving the correct documents.

If you need assistance with the new I-9 or any employment law and labor relations matter, please contact one of our attorneys in that practice area.

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