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As the economy has continued to grow steadily, the Great Recession of 2008 has become a distant memory. As a result, people have been taking on credit and debt again in droves. Inevitably, this credit expansion leads to individuals defaulting on payments, ignoring collection calls and possibly filing bankruptcy – a frustration with which creditors are all too familiar. Research shows that the number of individual and businesses filing bankruptcy in 2019 may increase significantly.

To help businesses navigate these murky waters, FLB is pleased to present, “Credit and Collections: Collect Smarter, Not Harder.”  Join Michael R. Nesfeder, shareholder in the Firm’s Litigation Group, for a free, informative seminar focusing on properly vetting a customer before extending credit, building evidence and case files during the endeavor, determining how much a business should fight for unpaid debt and recognizing the barometers for credit action.

Mr. Nesfeder will also discuss the life of a judgment, and what to do when a customer files for bankruptcy during or after the collections process.

This seminar is open to everyone, but will be especially useful for credit executives, financial officers, loan officers, collection officers, property managers, homeowners’ associations, any business with a credit department and those who issue credit at banks, accounting firms and similar entities.

The event will be held at the Homewood Suites in Center Valley on April 24, from 8:00 to 9:30AM. Breakfast and light refreshments will be provided; register today!

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