FLB Wins Dismissal of Employment Discrimination and Retaliation Claims Against Lehigh University

FLB Law      May. 21, 2019

A former development research analyst for Lehigh University sued the school in state court for employment discrimination, alleging that after almost 13 years of employment, the school harassed her and terminated her employment based on her age, disabilities (fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome and sleep apnea), and retaliated against her for requesting leave to address her allegedly disabling conditions.  Lehigh University, represented by FLB Employment Law and Labor Relations Group attorneys, Kathleen M. Mills, and Jacob M. Sitman, argued that the employee was not disabled under the law, the school terminated her employment because of unexcused absences and work performance problems, and there was no evidence to suggest that her termination was due to her age or requesting leave.

After the completion of discovery, Lehigh University filed a motion for summary judgment, seeking the dismissal of the case. Last month, upon consideration of the motion, the Court agreed with Lehigh University’s position. The Court concluded that the former employee was unable able to produce any evidence demonstrating that she was disabled or that her age or request for leave were factors in the employment termination decision, and the Court dismissed the case, rather than permit it to go to trial. Mr. Sitman argued the summary judgment motion on behalf of Lehigh University.

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