Jacob Sitman Discusses Legal Considerations Employers Should Take Into Account During a Potential Measles Outbreak

FLB Law      May. 20, 2019

Jacob M. Sitman, Shareholder and Chair of the Firm’s Employment Law and Labor Relations Department, was recently interviewed by Lehigh Valley Business. The resulting article, titled “If measles clocks in, is your company prepared?” examines what Lehigh Valley employers should consider and do in the face of a potential measles outbreak.

Mr. Sitman specifically reminds employers of their duty to ensure all employees are provided a healthy and safe work environment if they have reason to believe an employee might have measles, but he warns against “playing doctor.” Instead, he recommends that health care professionals be consulted if an employer suspects an employee has measles. Balancing a sick employee’s right to privacy with the need to maintain a healthy and safe workplace can also be tricky. “This [recent measles outbreak] should be a reminder,” Sitman said. “There’s always a contagious disease that comes up that makes us review our policies. Getting prepared and getting somewhat educated on the matter will help.”

For assistance reviewing and updating your employment policies and developing action plans to address workplace health and safety risks, please contact Mr. Sitman or one of the members of our Employment Law and Labor Relations Department.

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