Team PA Foundation Lauds FLB’s 30-Year Commitment to Pennsylvania



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Team PA spotlights FLB in its Winter 2017 newsletter.

The Team PA Foundation highlighted FLB in a spotlight article in its Winter 2017-18 newsletter. This article details the firm’s three decades of commitment to eastern Pennsylvania and will be a main feature on the Team PA website into March 2018.

Team PA Foundation is a dynamic bi-partisan, public/private partnership which initiates and supports innovative programs to enhance Pennsylvania’s competitiveness and economic prosperity, aimed at attracting new companies and generating job creation.  Joseph A. Fitzpatrick, Jr. was elected to the Board of Directors of Team PA in 2016 and is the only practicing attorney member of the Board.

Team PA chose FLB to be its “Investor Spotlight” featured member because of FLB’s past, present and future importance to the economic development and community growth of the Lehigh Valley. Over the last 30 years, FLB has been a catalyst for the region’s growth, which is emphasized in the spotlight article. Read the article and learn all about FLB achievements over the past 30 years.

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