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Can I collect my attorney fees?

Are you on the verge of filing a lawsuit? If so, a question you may have is whether or not you will be able to recover the attorney’s fees you are about to spend from the party you are suing. This “cost-benefit” analysis is an absolute prerequisite before litigating in the Courts.

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Check Washing: What You Need to Know

If you pay attention to local and state news headlines, you’ve heard about check washing. The Pennsylvania State Police have previously issued warnings to Pennsylvania residents to beware of criminal activity, especially during the holiday season.

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I Can Collect My Attorneys’ Fees, Right?

As an attorney in our litigation group, this is a question that we hear practically every day.  And, it’s a question that’s often asked at inception of representation and is especially relevant in the context of filing a lawsuit. 

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Popeye Was No Cowboy

There’s no doubt that debt collection has become a huge undertaking for various creditors and entities that collect on their behalf in recent years.

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Call Your Next Witness: Alexa?

We recently inherited my daughter’s cat, Luna, after she graduated from college. I’ve since learned that one thing that cats do is stand on you as you’re watching TV.

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Does Your Contract Need a Dentith?

As a litigator in FLB’s Litigation and Trial Practice group, I’m often asked by clients to represent them on claims based on a written contract. In many cases, these documents are littered with typos, ambiguities, conflicting terms and misidentified parties.

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